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Night Light


An exercise in light painting and parallax displacement to create the illusion of 3D and motion in a series of still photographs captured after nightfall. Created from lockdown using old photographs, as a reminder of what exists outside my four walls and so others can enjoy the wonders of the night sky from their solitary confines.

"Our team sees so many star scape videos and this one is a cut above in so many ways" - Meghan Oretsky, Vimeo Curator

"One of the most interesting time lapse projects we've seen in years" - Timelapse Magazine

"I can’t even imagine the time and skill it took to put together and create something this beautiful" - The Loop


"The results are stunning. Truly beautiful stuff" -


"This ode to the night sky will make you want to drop everything and go stargazing" - Mountain Life

A Vimeo Staff Pick
A Vimeo Best of the Month Winner
A Vimeo Best of the Year Nominee
Outstanding Time Lapse of the Month, Timelapse Magazine
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors COSM, 2022
Finalist, Southwest Filmathon 2020
Night Light
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