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Double Take


A 90 second documentary short premiering at Encounters Film Festival 2019.


Daryl Hembrough suffers from Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder preventing the skull from growing normally and affecting the shape of the head and face. He sits down to discuss the reactions he gets from people, not to his appearance but to his self deprecating form of stand-up comedy.


"The idea was to make a point about the way we judge or make assumptions about others. The challenge was to have Daryl speak about the responses to his comedy in an ambiguous way, so that as a viewer you assume he’s talking about reactions to his appearance, only to flip that on its head. The 90 second format from Encounters' Depict! Programme brought another challenge - an important exercise in editing, whittling it down to the bare bones, cutting out anything that wasn’t absolutely critical to the story." - Arthur Cauty

Encounters Film Festival 2019
Amsterdam Independent Film Festival 2019
British Shorts 2020
The Other Film Festival, Australia 2022

Double Take
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