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The Last Video Store

The Last Video Store

A Vimeo Staff Pick, Official Selection at Raindance & 1st Prize award winner at My Røde Reel, the World’s biggest short film competition, hosted by Røde Microphones. 20th Century Flicks is the oldest video rental store in the World. It’s small, close-knit crew has unwittingly become custodians of the largest collection of DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK, and faces a constant struggle to adapt and survive in the age of streaming and downloading. Visit them online, or drop into their store next time you’re in Bristol
 - "It’s an ode to the video store experience and a nostalgia trip for anyone who remembers the trailers playing before movies on VHS, or having to rewind the tape before you return it. For many of us, the video store wasn’t just a place to rent movies, but a place to hang out and talk film. It was a vastly more social experience than sitting at home scrolling through thumbnails online. We have an almost endless stream of entertainment available at the click of a button, which makes it all the more amazing that a little independent video store can survive in 2020." - Arthur Cauty Available in 8 / 3 minute durations. WINNER, $75,000 1st Prize Documentary, My Røde Reel 2020 Official Selection, Raindance 2020 
Official Selection, FilmBath 2020
 Official Selection, Borrego Springs Film Festival 2021 
Official Selection, Fusion Film Festival 2020 Official Selection Betina Film Festival 2020 Cube Cinema, Bristol, October 2020
 Adventure Cinema, Bristol, August 2021 Cube Cinema, Bristol, May 2022 Forbidden Worlds Film Festival / Bristol IMAX, May 2022
A Vimeo Staff Pick
 A Daily Pick at Film Shortage
 Featured on Boooooom TV, Retrospective of Jupiter. "The Last Video Store is a wonderful look at persistence and love of a format that appears to be on its way out. This one struck such a cord" - Upcoming on Screen "Well this one has us tearing" - Film Shortage
The Colston Four

The Colston Four

Official Selection at Director's Notes, the Academy Award qualifying Odense International Film Festival and a Film Shortage Daily Short Pick. Out of a crowd of ten thousand, four people were singled out and put on trial for the toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol during a Black Lives Matter march. They came to be known as The Colston Four. Widely praised and lauded by the many citizens of Bristol who had campaigned for the statue’s removal for decades, and condemned by government officials, the actions of The Colston Four sparked a polarising debate around race, equality and the celebration of problematic historical figures. This film features exclusive interviews with the defendants and legal team, offering a glimpse at the people behind the headlines, as a 19 month long trial draws to a close. The Colston Four is a follow-up to the award-winning documentary The Felling of Colston, which you can view here: Official Selection, Filmslam Streams, Cleveland International Film Festival 2023 Official Selection, Two Short Night Film Festival 2023 Official Selection, Odense International Film Festival 2022 Official Selection, Director's Notes A Daily Short Pick, Film Shortage Chapter Arts, Cardiff, May 2022 Shortlisted for the People's Choice Award, Two Short Nights Film Festival 2023 Shortlisted for Zealous Stories: Short Film 2022 "An insightful document that places the trial itself amongst the wider context of the BLM movement" - Director's Notes "A valuable finer focus on the people behind this protest" - Meghan Oretsky, Vimeo Curator
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